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Amenity Water Management Ltd was formed in 2001 and incorporated in April 2003 in response to the rapidly growing value of water not only as a commodity but as an amenity resource.

The management of the company combines over 40 years experience in the specialist field of aquatic environment works and associated civil engineering.

The consultancy and contracting services we provide are for those individuals or organisations with responsibility for creating or maintaining watercourses and water features.

Amenity Water Management offers a comprehensive range of solutions to the many and various maintenance problems that arise with watercourses and water features over time, namely:

  • Sedimentation.
  • Erosion of and leaks through banks, dams and structures. Excessive weed and algae growth.
  • Repairs and modifications to existing water control structures.

We also undertake all aspects of river restoration and environmental works namely:

  • Ecological surveys and restoration plan designs. Construction of fish and eel passes.
  • River bed and bank modelling to improve target habitats. Planting schemes to create or improve habitats.